The following listings are sites that have exchanged links with my page, check them out:

Adnax Limited -My book publishers site. Selection of images from the books and ordering info.

Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo -Find out about the art scene in the "Artistic Oasis of the MidWest"

ARTFLEX -John De Lombardo's photos of a contortionist and a fire eater. Very beautiful photographs.

Art Nudes -A fantastic site with comments and links to the best nude sites I've ever seen! Check out the archives.

Cyclops -A One Eyed View of Photography, Literature and Journalism -The art website of Kalamazoo painters Kenneth Freed and Denise Lisiecki

George Losse-Photographer -Large Format photography using 8x10" and 10x20" panoramic view cameras. George conducted a great workshop at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts August 9 - 13, 2006.

Dan McCormack Pinhole Photography -Unique digitally altered color photographs of nudes taken with a Pinhole camera.

Dan McCormack -Unique b/w photos of nudes taken with a Nimslo 3-D Camera.

Dan McCormack's BODYSCAN -A sequence of Body Scans with a flatbed scanner, check it out.

E. L. Stewart-Fine Art -figurative paintings by my good friend E. L. Stewart

The Art of S. Rungis -Prints, drawings and photographs by my friend Sniedze Rungis.

Jim Doty Photography -A great photo site with lots of nature photo and Photoshop tips

Michael Avran-Fine Art Nudes - French photographer with lots of links to other photographers

Photo.Box.SK - Photography art, news and tips.

Prada Sunglasses - 100% authentic Prada & Prada Sport Sun Glasses for men & women on sale today.

James W Johnson -Great surreal paintings and digital photos of nudes by James W Johnson.

The Art of Lahib Jaddo -Great surreal paintings.

Tom Cubbage Photography-A virtual Gallery -Lots of nice images of scenics and nudes plus lots of links.

Looknsee Photography -Nice photos, mostly nude, and links

ConstantXposure Gallery -Lots of Galleries, photos, Rock & Roll and a Kiss Portfolio. Check it out.

Elements of Life -Original Digital Art by D.L.Zimmerman -Great digital art created by an adult for adults.

Charles Daney's Home Page -Great Landscape photos and lots of good links!

MONOart -Excellent gallery of b/w photography by Steven Gosling, featuring Nudes, Portraits, Glamour, Landscapes and a guest artist.

Fine Art Nudes -A beautiful site dedicated to creative and fine art nude photography. Part of The Creative Nude Photography Network.

Eroticart Photo - Art Competition -Nice site of nude photography by a wide variety of photographers. Monthly contest where one can submit and vote on their favorite image. Cash prizes awarded.

Incubus'Choice -Links to Art nude photo sites.

Tim Phillips Fine Art Photography

Yahoo! -Eveyones favorite Search Engine.

PhotoLinks Photography Search Engine

The following links are photography and art sites that I like and recommend, check them out. If you have a photo site you would like to exchange links with let me know by E-Mail to [email protected]

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts -The best non-academic Art School/Art Museum in the Midwest! Check us out.

Olivia Parker -Nationally recognized photographer has created beautiful still lifes for 30 years using many formats from 35mm to Polaroid 20x24 and digital. She will be conducting a two day digital workshop at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts July 14 & 15, 2007.

Dismal Sanctuary of Asya Schween -One of the most Powerfull series of self-portraits I've seen in a long time, if ever. Must see! Read interview with Asya on dpreview.

David W. Lewis, The art of Bromoil and Transfer -Master of the pigment-control processes of the oil, bromoil and transfer.

Jan Saudek -One of my favorite photographers. Recently updated site with lots of new photos.

Photo-Eye Books and Prints -Great selection of photo books and exhibits.

Image Alchemy:Digital Photography -Beautiful images by Guy Morton with lots of good links.

Misha Gordin -Fantastic surrealist b/w photographs by Misha Gordin. You will be amazed!

PhotoArts-Fine Art Photography -Photo portfolios and Resources.

Manimals -Amazing digitally altered portraits by Danial Lee. A Must See!

Ralph Gibson -Must see site for photographer Ralph Gibson.

Marco's Art Gallery -Nice digital art site.

Apple & Photoshop Sites:

Version Tracker -News on the latest version of your favorite Apple Software.

Photoshop Professional Tips & Tricks

MacInTouch Home Page

Apple Home Page

The Background Sampler -Downloadable backgrounds for web pages.

Digital Photography Review -Fantistic site that compares and reviews digital cameras.

Inkjet Mall,Quadblack printing for Epson Printers -Source for archival black inks for quadtone printing with Epson Printers.

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