Galerie du Moi

A little background on how the "Galerie du Moi" came to be. I am a photographer specializing in the nude. I have been actively exhibiting my photographs in my hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan and in juried exhibits around the U.S. for about 22 years. Kalamazoo is a mecca for the visual arts and hosts many talented artists in many media. I have traded my photographs for the art of many of these local artists. Around 1990, the painter Ken Freed painted my portrait. I worked out a trade with him for the painting. Other artist mentioned that they would like to do my portrait in exchange for some of my work and I jumped at the chance. Someone mentioned that it was too bad more people wouldn't see the work produced by these artists, so I decided to have an art exhibit in my home featuring the images of myself that I've aquired over the years, hence, the "Galerie du Moi" was created. I held the exhibit in June of 1992 and around 200 hundred people attended the one-day exhibit. I now get the chance to share with the rest of the world selected works (and a few new ones) from that infamous exhibit. Enjoy!
Jim Riegel, September, 1996.

I've arranged my "Gallery" like a book. When you enter the first page, simply click on the large image to go to the next page, or you can view individual images by clicking on the selected thumbnail on this page.

1st self portrait

Page one: My first Nude Self-Portrait

Me as JC

Page 2: Me as JC

Computer Pussy
Page 3: My Computer Pussy
Me by Ken Freed
Page 4: Painting by Ken Freed

Page 5: "Satyr Jim" Painting by Martin Maddox
Mary Hatch painting
Page 6: "Super Jim" painting by Mary Hatch

Jill Taylor pastel
Page 7: Pastel portrait by Jill Taylor
digital me
Page 8: "Mr. Nutri-system" digital self-portrait

Recent self portrait
Page 9: Recent Self-Portrait

Thats all for now. I'd love to hear from you about what you think of my little ego trip.

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