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I recently had an opportunity to photograph some friends who had several black light flourescent fixtures, (the kind used at parties) and UV body paint, yarn and hair dye. I had just bought my Canon D20 digital SLR and wanted to see how it would work with UV. The lights react well with the paint etc. but everything else was very dark. I set my camera to 800 ISO and used the Raw mode. My exposures were between ,5 seconds to 4 seconds for the blur shots. Aperture was around f 4. The exposures were still quite dark but when I converted the raw files to 16bit tifs I was able to brighten and tweak the images to look better. Depth of focus was quite shallow and many of the shots showed movement but I was able to get a few usable images and the colors were fantastic. Below are a few of those images. Some are realitively straight and some have been manipulated in Photoshop CS2 with filters. Some of the filters I used were Dry Brush. Cutout, Add Noise, Poster Edges, Difuse Glow and Photocopy.


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