Jim Riegel's Travel Snapshots

Here are links to more photographs I took in Italy in 2002 on a trip sponsored by Kalamazoo College and the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. We visited cities in the Umbria and Tuscany regions as well as Florence. I photographed with a Canon G3 digital camera and downloaded the files to an Apple i-Book. I did not feel these were strong enough to make into art prints but they capture the feel of the trip and may be of use to those of you planning a trip to Italy sometime.

In 2004 the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts sponsored a similar trip to France to visit museums and towns in Paris and the Provance regions. Links to those pictures are below.

Italy Images
Castle Cortivecchio

France Photos
Paris Page 1
Paris Page 2
Aix-en-Provence 1
Aix-en-Provence 2
Arles & St. Marie
Auvers sur Orise
Avignon & Nimes
Monet's Garden

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