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*Please note that I photograph people who are naked. They are not ashamed of their bodies even though they may not be perfect or conform to the prevailing Hollywood standards of beauty. I have photographed school teachers, homemakers, students, artists, dancers, actors and parents. There is nothing immoral or indecent about the way they present themselves. I don't expect everyone to like my photos, but if some of them make you smile or surprise you or make you think, thats all I can ask for. If you can't handle that or think nudity is vulgar please leave, no one is forcing you to look.

Notice! - I've added new pages including some of my photos I made in Italy and France as well as some interesting Non-Nude pictures. Check them out below. *New Images added 8-6-08.

Welcome to my photography pages. I am a photographer / artist in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am the chairperson of the photography department at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. I have been photographing the nude since 1973. My first nude portraits were of friends and acquaintences who wanted to see what it would be like to model nude in a nonthreatening environment. As I became more comfortable working with the nude portrait I began to add props and situations to the photo session. I still work with the general theme of being naked in front of the camera, but from there I try to evoke a multilayered mood or emotion, be it serious, humorous, satirical, sensual, disturbing or a combination of the above. Another aspect of my work that many people find disturbing is the way many of the models confront the viewer with a direct stare. It's as if the viewer were caught looking at a very private moment. The point is that the people I photograph are not ashamed of their nudity and neither should the viewer be. These photographs are a collaboration between myself and the subject, often exploring their own psychological attitudes toward their bodies and the way they see themselves.

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